Earn money from PeoplePerHour by freelancing

People Per Hour

The number of freelancing marketplaces is increasing in line with the needs of freelancers. Another freelancing website like upwork, freelancer.com, fiver, etc. is PeoplePerHour.

Let's find out more about the PeoplePerHour website and the ways for making revenue by freelancing from this website.

What is People Per Hour?

PeoplePerHour is a freelancing marketplace where independent businesses (known as buyers) find freelancers for their work from the sea of freelancers. From copyrighting to logo design, article writing to web development, almost any kind of service is provided by PeoplePerHour freelancers.

That is, PeoplePerHour is a one-stop network to connect freelancers and buyers. PeoplePerHour is gaining popularity day by day like upwork, fiver as well as other freelancing marketplaces.

Types of Work

PeoplePerHour website has a few job categories. All the works listed on the website are included in the sub-category in these categories.

The working categories of the PeoplePerHour website are:

  • Technology & Programming
  • Writing & Translation
  • Design
  • Digital Marketing
  • Videos, photos and image
  • Business
  • Music & Audio
  • Marketing, Trading & Sales
  • Social Media

Account Creation and Profile Building

On the PeoplePerHour website, sellers are freelancers who get money for work. Seller accounts can be opened on PeoplePerHour using email addresses or Facebook accounts. To open a seller account:

When you select "Sign up with email" then click on the Sign Up button by providing name, email and password.

Profile building is an important factor in getting work. Profile customization is called profile building so that buyers can easily find freelancers.

Please share all the details about freelancing careers in your profile. This is very important to make buyers interested in providing work.

It is important to mention profile picture, bio description, work category, previous projects, average selling price, etc. in a full profile.

The profile of freelancers is rank on the PeoplePerHour's ranking algorithms. So the richer the profile, the better the ranking. As a result, the buyers will easily find profiles and be interested in offering works with.

Offer Posting Rules

This feature of PeoplePerHour is compared to posting gigs in Fiver. To post offers on PeoplePerHour:

  • Login to account by entering the website, click on Post Offer button
  • First of all, enter a catch-up title about what service you are offering
  • Specify the time it will take for the project
  • Select the category of the project and select the sub-category
  • Add powerful keywords related to your project 
  • Use photos, videos, audio, or other files to highlight your skills and style of works
  • Please provide complete details about your work in the description of your offer

You can also offer the rate and type of service on the same offer if you have any additional services (e.g. fast delivery) in addition to general services.

Complete the setup of the offer when all important information is finished.


Sellers can send a proposal directly to the buyers if they post any work on PeoplePerHour. To send a direct proposal, you need to keep a regular watch on your skill related posts. You can send a proposal for something you feel can do without any problems.

A maximum of 15 proposals can be sent every day. So you can do it when sending the proposal, just select such a task. You can select the task that will be easier for you.

Rules for sending a proposal

Entering the "Search Projects" tab will see numerous projects posted by the buyers. You can find work you can do by filtering these projects. This list is based on time and date, i.e., recently posted tasks can be seen on top.

Before sending an offer to buyer, it is important to know some things, these are:

  • Give buyer a detailed idea of your work while sending the proposal, which increases credibility
  • Send samples of some of the work you do with the proposal if possible
  • Provide related concepts, related projects, related short description 
  • Hourly or fixed price, inform buyer about any method you can conveniently. However, writing more amount than buyer's budget will not lead to a proposal
  • If there is a confusion about a subject, talk to the buyer and settle it down

One of the great things about PeoplePerHour is that buyer can't easily cheat on a freelancer here. Suppose a work is priced at $500. In this case, at the beginning of the work, you will cut half of $500, or $250, of PeoplePerHour, and at the end of the work, you will pay the freelancer the full amount. That is, the chances of being cheated by a buyer in PeoplePerHour is little.

Advantages and Disadvantages of PeoplePerHour at a Glance


  • A wide network of numerous businesses, i.e., a large number of potential clients
  • Locally and globally large volume work is available
  • Freelancers have the opportunity to offer their own rates for buyer as freelancers
  • Safe from autonomous freelancing
  • Invoices automated, so don't cause problems with payments
  • You have the opportunity to select your own work hour as a freelancer


  • Competition is high as it is a platform with countless freelancers
  • It is difficult to get work unless the work rate is competitive, as many are ready to do the same at a lower price.

What amount of fees does PeoplePerHour charge?

Peopleperhour charges 20% fee for projects out of 250 euros, 7.5% for projects out of 5000 euros and 3.5% for projects between 5000 euros.

How is payment paid on PeoplePerHour?

The website pays sellers through PayPal and bank accounts. The money earned can be withdrawn by entering the Payment area and selecting Withdraw Funds. The website takes 1 day to process payments.

Last Words

PeoplePerHour can be the name hope who looking for work as a freelancer. You can search for your skill-based work in PeoplePerHour by following the information mentioned.

And this is all about PeoplePerHour and the ways to make money from this.